Tom Cruise was photographed taking his preferred mode of travel – by helicopter! – in London today so it gave me an opportunity to post about what I didn’t get around to yesterday: his attendance at Victoria Beckham’s 50th birthday party this past weekend. Katie got Suri in the divorce and he got the Beckhams. 


Tom spends a lot of time, maybe most of his time, in London these days. He and David have been seen many times together over the years, at sporting events, out for dinner. But that’s just what’s on camera. He and the Beckhams probably hang off-camera a lot more than we know. 


So anyway, back to Tom at the party… 

There were over a hundred guests in formal wear enjoying a sit-down dinner before the night opened up to music and dancing. According to the Daily Mail

“Wearing full black tie, including a waistcoat, Cruise stunned many when he demonstrated a series of breakdancing moves, culminating in the splits. One guest said: 'People were absolutely dumbfounded.'”

This is the Daily Mail, and we all know that we should rarely believe the Daily Mail. In this case though, I totally believe it because, well, their source just described Tom’s party trick. It’s a party trick all experienced gossips should be familiar with, although it’s been a minute since I posted it. 


Remember the video from that Scientology retreat? It was years ago, for maybe his birthday or something, and it took place on the Scientology yacht, and the video went viral during his marriage to Katie Holmes because everyone was obsessed with how weird he is… and then we’re watching him do the splits and break dancing to “Old Time Rock & Roll”. 


It’s been at least 20 years – and Top Gun’s still got it! 

This moment in Gossip Nostalgia was brought to you by Victoria Beckham. Happy 50th!