We’re still talking about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys. Yesterday afternoon Page Six did the body language thing with an expert assessing their relationship based on what we all saw during the show on television. 


Sure. But what was it really like sitting beside them? Because that might be a lot more accurate – details from someone who observed them through the night and not just a ten second moment through our screens. So have you seen this TikTok yet? 

It was posted by a Grammys seat-filler who was right next to Bennifer and watched them interact with each other. Here’s what she said: 


The best part of this, for me, is not the confirmation that there’s no drama here with Bennifer but that JLo was checking her phone and specifically checking what people were saying about her and Ben during the show. This is how you know that the TikTokker’s story is legit. Because celebrities never want to get busted for reading their own press. And that’s what we’ve just learned here – that JLo is basically google alerting herself and Ben in real time. 

Can this be the takeaway then? The accurate gossip out of the Grammys about Bennifer isn't that there’s trouble in paradise but that they’re checking their mentions as often, maybe more, as you are. 

In other Bennifer news though, there’s this: 


I mean we knew this but now it’s basically confirmed. Ben Affleck will star in a Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl commercial and word is JLo will make a cameo. Makes sense since she was there in Massachusetts when he was seen working the drive-thru.

Someone at our etalk morning meeting today has a conspiracy theory about all this, suggesting that what if Bennifer’s demeanour at the Grammys was all part of the Dunkin’ plan? Did he look bored and grumpy and tired because he needed some Dunkin’? Like it would be a loonnnnnggg con if it really does turn out that way, which I don’t really buy, but it presents another angle. Especially if Dunkin’ can get it done in time and they and Bennifer decide to have a sense of humour about the whole thing.

Here's JLo at the studio yesterday.