The premiere of Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City happened last night in New York, and as it is with every Wes Anderson film, since he’s able to bring together so many big name actors in his ensembles, the red carpet was non-stop parade of celebrities. For not just one film but maybe two? 


Because Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach, and Margot Robbie were all there – and the movie that those three are most associated with in the culture right now is Barbie. The Barbie premiere isn’t happening for another couple of weeks but in a couple of weeks, there’s also a possible actors’ strike. Variety just reported yesterday that “the looming actors strike may wreak havoc on the marketing campaign for several major film releases … leaving studios shifting their plans to get ahead of the June 30 deadline for a SAG-AFTRA contract” – and that includes Barbie. 

Because if there really is a strike, the actors won’t be junketing and they won’t be on the carpets. Barbie’s junket, right now, is July 7-8, and they still have plans to move forward I guess until they can’t. And there is a good chance there will be a strike, which means it is possible that Barbie won’t get a carpet. Imagine? The Barbie movie not getting a carpet? If there’s any movie that calls for a carpet, this is the movie!


Anyway, Margot’s look for the Asteroid City – do you like it? I like it, and you know what I’m going to say here, since I like it I knew right away it’s not Chanel. This is Schiaparelli and it’s great on her. I wonder though, if they do manage to avert a strike, whether or not she’s bound to Chanel for the Barbie carpet. That’s how these ambassadorships work. Like you may have the freedom of wearing other brands for events that aren’t the Oscars or other marquee moments, but for those Big Attention Carpets, that’s the whole point of the deal.