At our etalk research meetings this weekend, when we were figuring out questions for Noah Baumbach, the director of Marriage Story, one of issues we spent a lot of time discussing was whether or not to ask him about Greta Gerwig and women getting shut out of the director category when the Golden Globe nominations were announced. Would Greta even show up? She did, and she and Noah posed together on the carpet, but she skipped press, heading inside and leaving him to do interviews on his own. 

It’s bullsh-t that Greta and Little Women weren’t recognised. It’s amazing that the film is continuing to perform at the box office. Little Women, in its second weekend, only dropped 19% and for sure is headed towards a $100 million domestic run, with more money coming in overseas. Which means that Greta directs films that earn. And, given that these earnings headlines are front and centre in Hollywood during the Oscar nomination voting period, I wonder whether or not that will make a difference with the Academy. 

Greta and Noah are, of course, the darling director power couple of the industry. They’re in love. They produce beautiful, resonant work. His film, Marriage Story, is a contender. They’re covering magazines together and doing joint interviews and making history. But they weren’t the only director power couple at the Globes. 

Lulu Wang and Barry Jenkins were there. Barry’s director an Oscar Best Picture (Moonlight). Lulu joined him on the awards circuit last year when he was repping If Beale Street Could Talk. Now it’s his turn as her plus one with The Farewell which took home at Golden Globe with Awkwafina’s win last night. So there’s a LOT of talent in this relationship too – they just don’t get the same amount of attention, obsession. I’m obsessed though. Can we please all be obsessed?