Anna Wintour didn’t mind The Devil Wears Prada so much when she found out that Meryl Streep would be playing her. I mean, at first she may have claimed she wasn’t into it but, over time, it seems like it has grown on her, especially since Miranda Priestley is basically an icon. I wonder if, in a decade, Gretchen Carlson might feel the same way? (Dlisted) 

I’ve mentioned this before – Kathryn Hahn’s “glow-up” this year. Her clothes have been amazing. And this outfit is another addition to the growing list of great outfits she’s worn over the last several months. I like the fit of the dress. I love the high collar. And this is exactly the right shoe choice to make the look. (Go Fug Yourself) 


There are two concurrent conflicting stories circulating right now about Jennifer Garner and her new boyfriend, John Miller. They’re not that serious and slowing things down. Or getting serious and about to spend the holidays together. I think the point here is that no one cares about the boyfriend?  (Cele|bitchy) 

Here’s a photo gallery of what the holidays looked like in the 50s and 60s and it’s supposed to be a “simpler” time. You know what though? What if they had better cameras back then? What if the photos that were taken back then were better preserved? What if you could really see the colours popping and the ornaments twinkling? Isn’t this really just about photo quality? (OMG Blog) 

WTF! This would drive me crazy too. WHYYYYY, WHYYYYY is the “A” in that position? It’s absurd. How did this happen? How was this approved? Are there more important petitions to be signed and more important improvements to the world that can be made? Well, of course. OF COURSE. But this is a simple f-cking change. And it’s a stupid ass mistake to begin with, GOD! (The Cut) 

Gwyneth Paltrow is associated with conscious uncoupling. Meanwhile Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz, and Jason Momoa have no comment. They’re just living their lives, cool as f-ck, knowing that, as always, they were first…and better. (Vanity Fair) 

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