When I think of Guy Pearce, I think of Memento. And LA Confidential. And Iron Man 3. Because I have a demented attachment to Tony Stark. What I do not remember, or maybe I never knew it at all, is that Guy Pearce was, at one point, a surfer dude? At least he looks like it here. Never seen this photo, have you? (Dlisted) 

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are great in this interview. And you know why? Because the reporter here, Alison Hammond is GREAT at her job. She’s showing her work. Which, to me, is the story here. She is exceptionally good at her job. So good at her job that she’s making THEM look good at their jobs. (Cele|bitchy)

Marion Cotillard is blonde now. And I love it on her. Do I love blonde Marion in lime green? I don’t hate it. But maybe it’s because I’m so into the details on this suit. Like those shoulders. Wait. Maybe only those shoulders. Hate the flare of the pants. But that’s the pants, not the colour. The colour is not the problem. And good call on not going with a bright lip. (Go Fug Yourself)

I wish the word badass was in use when Princess Diana was alive. I wish I could have heard her say it. Badass. Because I feel like she would say it. Katy Cambridge would never. But Diana, she would, right? She would totally say badass. What was the equivalent of badass in the vernacular back then? (Pop Sugar)

As I’ve shared before, I read a lot of horny books. Horny books often include descriptions of dicks. The dicks are almost always good-looking. Example: “I gasped when I saw him naked. His penis was gorgeous”. Is it though? I appreciate a penis for what it does. I can’t say I appreciate a penis for what it looks like. And I can definitely say that I would never describe one as “gorgeous”. In fact, I actually think penises are ugly. I bet you Tommy Lee’s girlfriend would call his “gorgeous” though. (TMZ)

I did not know I needed this in my life. But now I will always be grateful for Judith Light + Alanis Morissette. If you need a pick-me-up, read this interview. And read how Judith talks about Alanis. (Vulture)