Thanks for your messages about Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m sorry I was f-cked up today. We are working on a post about it that’ll be ready for tomorrow for sure. 

I don’t mean to “well, actually” the situation but ...well, actually, if these were beagles, this would not have happened. Beagles, my dogs, are well-known escape artists. They will find the way out, even if a way out seems impossible. Once a month, at least, our dog walker, Donna, comes back with Barney with a story about his escape shenanigans. One time she found him in someone’s locked yard. No one had any idea how he got in there. There was food in the yard. Obviously. Last year, Elvis got out of our yard because he managed to scoot in between the brick and the piece of wire fencing that Jacek uses to bridge the gap between our yard gate and the paving stones underneath the fence steps. The thing about Elvis though is that he escaped, because that’s what beagles do, but he didn’t actually want to go anywhere. So after he escaped, he tried to break back in. Our neighbour found him lurking in our bushes, like he was casing the joint. (Dlisted)

Was anyone fooled by Lindsay Lohan’s April Fool? An April Fool’s joke is supposed to make you laugh, right? Or amuse you? This wasn’t amusing. It was...sad. Not only because no one bought it. But because, well, the “joke” part of it is that Harvard would want her. It’s an acknowledgment by Lindsay herself that...this would be impossible. (Jezebel)

Karlie Kloss talks about the friendships she’s made, the ones that have lasted. And then lists off the ones she’s been through the trenches with. To me, since all the women she’s named are models, I don’t think it means anything either way about Taylor Swift. But it’ll still probably cause some drama among those who believe in #Kaylor, which is the Karlie/Taylor equivalent of #Robsten - that they’re secret lovers who are hiding their secret love. Perhaps they will say that the exclusion of Taylor on this list is more evidence that Karlie doesn’t consider Taylor to be a “friend” because Taylor is Karlie’s life partner. It’s proof! #KaylorForever (Just Jared)

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton went to church yesterday with her kids. So this should stop any breakup rumours for about a week and start some wedding rumours instead. I would be pretty excited about a Gwen/Blake wedding. For the fashion, obviously. Remember her wedding dress when she married Gavin Rossdale? A lot of celebrity wedding dresses are labeled “iconic” when they’re not really all that iconic. Gwen’s dress, for its time, and ahead of its time, was truly iconic, with all that not-subtle pink splashed all over the skirt. It’s probably one of my top 5 celebrity wedding dresses. Which...have we talked about this before? I think we need to make it its own post. I’ll get working on that. But send me some ideas? (Cele|bitchy)

The FUG Girls are right - Edward Enninful has been doing great work at British Vogue and the latest cover is terrific. As was the cover featuring Gugu Mbatha-Raw. They do bring up a good point though: there does seem to be a Hadid on the cover of a fashion magazine somewhere around the world at least once a month.(Go Fug Yourself)

Every day I wake up hoping that it’ll be the day that the first Crazy Rich Asians trailer is released. Another day has passed and it hasn’t happened. I’m hanging onto any clue. Any sign. And I think this was the hope I was looking for. Jon M Chu says it’ll be “soon”. What’s your definition of “soon”? Like...this month? Please let it be this month. 


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