In case you forgot, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani would like to remind us all they are still together and SO IN LOVE. I think Lainey asked me to write about Blake and Gwen’s PDA at the People’s Choice Awards because she assumed I’d be into it. Usually, I love corny grand romantic gestures. To clarify, I like it when other people do them. No one do this for me. Please. Ever. Seriously. 

Against my better judgment, I’ve usually been into the heavy cheese Blake and Gwen have been laying on since they got together. When they write each other intimate love notes then post those notes on social media, I haven’t rolled my eyes. Instead I think, “well that’s adorable.”  Usually, when Blake and Gwen are waving their love around like it’s a pom-pom in the “Hollaback Girl” video, I’m cheering right along with them. Turns out, I draw the line at PDA on stage at the PCAs. 

The Voice won Competition Show of 2018 and Blake Shelton and Carson Daly went onstage to accept the award. Blake thanked Gwen by saying, “All time favorite coach right there, Gwen Stefani. I love her! I love her." 

Carson Daly decided that Blake yelling the words “I LOVE HER” on an awards stage wasn’t enough so he asked Gwen to join their acceptance speech. Gwen Stefani hasn’t been a coach on The Voice in like four seasons but OK. Here’s how Gwen responded when she got up on stage: 

“Oh my god, I'm so excited to be with Blake Shelton!"

I am so embarrassed for them both but I’m also almost charmed by how cringey this entire display of LOVE was. Did they just win me back over that easily? Is this the most useful Carson Daly has ever been? Yes. 

The best part of Gwen and Blake’s awkward PCA PDA is that fans thought he was going to propose when Gwen joined him on stage. LOL. If any couple was going to get engaged at the People’s Choice Awards, with Carson Daly beside them, it would be Blake and Gwen. I want more for them though. They should have some self-respect and at least do it at the Grammys.