Over the last week or so, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have both said that they think about marriage. And both don’t seem to want to answer the “when?” question. Here’s the thing about Gwen – she doesn’t seem to me like someone who would be able to contain herself if she were engaged. If Blake had proposed, Gwen would live every minute of that. And she would show it to us. Don’t you think she would show it to us? It’s not like these two have bothered to hide themselves and their relationship. (Dlisted) 

Remember when Justin Theroux walked around in an Eazy-E tee?  And he was with a “mystery woman”? She’s been identified. Apparently they met at the gym. Which is totally normal and not at all “arty” and “edgy”. Does he lose points with his “arty” and “edgy” New York friends for going to the gym instead of doing something cooler, like reading or making a sculpture out of paper clips? (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m not feeling Elizabeth Olsen in this white suit either. Is it because…it’s not structured enough? The jacket seems too big and untailored. I wonder if it’s the fact that it’s only one button that’s not working for me. Also the fit of the pants seems really outdated? And slightly too short? Or too short with that particular shoe style? A closed-toe may have been better. Also a different hairstyle would have helped. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Gal Gadot is on the TIME 100 List. You know who wrote the entry? Lynda Carter. Which is allllll kinds of amazing. And to add to that, there’s now speculation that Lynda could be in the Wonder Woman sequel. Pause. Go back. Yes. That’s what you read. That’s what I read. That Lynda Carter has made herself available and that it’s now up to Patty Jenkins to decide what that would look like, IF that could be something. (Pajiba) 

LeBron James was asked about the passing of Greg Popovich’s wife, Erin, last night and he got emotional, understandably. So people started dragging the reporter, Allie LaForce, on social media for “blindsiding” him with the question. And he defended her. I’m sure she appreciated it. I appreciate that he did it. While we’re here though, on the list of things to drag, there are a lot of things that sports reporters (mostly male ones) say that should be coming up wayyyyy before this incident. (TMZ) 

Quiz Time: what magical school do you belong to? Please. I ended up at Hogwarts, obviously. But… if Beyoncé were to establish a school of magic, I feel like… would I? Would I pass on Hogwarts to go to BeyWarts? I feel like I would. Also I just googled “BeyWarts” and nothing came up. How is this possible?  (Buzzfeed)