On the new episode of Sasha Answers, Sasha and I fight about what she considers the shoe trend of this coming summer. Then we get into what to do about cheap friends, Instagram-obsessed friends, and what happens when you’re going to a wedding and your ex is going to be there. 

So they’re trying to start a rumour over at Radar that Justin Theroux is into Selena Gomez and has been trying to get in there now that he’s no longer with Jennifer Aniston and she’s no longer (for now) with Justin Bieber. As IF. Not only because Selena and Jennifer are friends but because… would Selena Gomez, a former Disney child star who dated Justin Bieber, pass the “arty” and “edgy” New York coolness test administered by Justin and all his “arty” and “edgy” New York friends? (Dlisted) 

I really like this pink dress on Naomi Watts, especially that beading detail at the bottom of the sleeves but I probably would never wear it. Because of how it hangs in the front, I don’t know how it would look with bigger breasts. Also I wish she’d gone with a middle part here with her hair. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Gwen Stefani told Ellen DeGeneres that she thinks about marrying Blake Shelton all the time which, in civilian speak, is like someone dropping hints with all their friends that they want their partner to propose – just on a MUUUUUUCH louder level. Does that ever work? In civilian life and in celebrity life? (Cele|bitchy) 

I’ve never thought about this before but I really do like my food chewy. This is a crunchy vs chewy food quiz that will tell you about your personality. My chewiness preference, evidently, means that I’m a perfectionist who doesn’t want to be. If I’m a perfectionist though, why are there so many typos… is the question you were about to ask, smartass. (Buzzfeed) 

Work talk and money talk. My favourite. What’s the work that’s involved when you make a million dollars a year? What are the rewards of that kind of work for that kind of money? What are the downsides? And how does all that differ from industry to industry from one job to the other? (The Cut) 

How would you describe Justin Bieber’s 2018 style? Would you ever have imagined that one day you’d see JB’s style compared to Adam Sandler’s style? Because that’s actually how he’s been dressing this year. (Vanity Fair)