Here is Gwendoline Christie at the Game of Thrones final season premiere, looking like a radiant moth. A basic might say butterfly, but moths have a dramatic Goth edge that butterflies don’t, and Gwendoline Christie is all about the drama in this dress (it’s by Iris Van Herpen). Look at her, fluttering her dress up and down the red carpet with flare and dash. She knows. She knows she is the Moth Queen.

And lest you think our Moth Queen is only here to blaze into our lives for one night in this gorgeous dress, here is Christie on the red carpet, talking about how audiences used social media to agitate for more female characters:

Most celebrities eye-roll or outright sh-t on social media, but Christie gets the role the internet and social media has played in the Game of Thrones fandom. This is a show that has massively benefitted from online fandom, as the “water cooler” is less a real space now and more an amalgamation of Reddit threads, fan sites, and comment sections dissecting every episode and spouting theories everywhere. And playing a fan favorite character, like Brienne of Tarth, Christie would know very well how that involvement can help keep a character, especially among a large cast, front and center in writers’ minds. I appreciate that she sees social media isn’t just a virus slowly ravaging society, but is also the lifeblood of a show like Game of Thrones. I am going to miss Brienne a lot. It’s going to be SO SAD when she inevitably dies. Enjoy our Moth Queen while you can.