I saw Nickelback trending last night on Twitter and I was like…really? WHY. It quickly became clear. People often joke about Nickelback and then some people defend Nickelback. A lot people who used to joke about Nickelback today are revisiting their position. Nickelback just gained a whole lot of fans. Did they lose a lot of fans? (Dlisted) 

Leonardo DiCaprio stepped out with his girlfriend, Camila Morrone, and they were holding hands in New York and even though there were paps around, Leo didn’t make a run for it. Because of this, one of the supermarket tabloids next week will report that he’s close to proposing. In Touch or Star? Doesn’t matter. Whatever magazine it is, the story will generate a lot of headlines and then your mom or your aunt will be coming at you all like…Leo’s engaged! I’m trusting you to set her straight. (Cele|bitchy) 

Iris van Herpen and Gwendoline Christie are a perfect combination. And this is a perfect f-cking look. She’s an avenging angel. She’s a siren. She’s a goddess. She’s lightning and thunder. And this would have been the Outfit of the Week, it was so close. But I tomorrow I have to give it to someone else. Please though, let Gwendoline have this moment. (Go Fug Yourself) 
There are indeed a LOT of movies that are coming out that are based on magazine articles. I won’t be surprised if next week we hear about them turning the Caroline Calloway/Natalie Beach article into a movie. I f-cking hope not, but I won’t be surprised. You know the one I’m waiting on though? The Daily Beast’s McDonald’s Monopoly Scandal article! (Pajiba) 

Oh hi, it’s me again. Here I am, back at it with my “Kawhi Leonard” google alert that I haven’t removed and I don’t think I ever will. I wonder how long I’ll do this for: read every article I can about Kawhi Leonardo. That said, sports articles are SO good, even if you don’t care about sports you should be reading them. Ahead of the start of the new NBA season, this piece is about Kawhi and Paul George growing up in LA. (The Ringer)