Gwyneth Paltrow was in San Francisco last night for the Pre-Broadway opening Head Over Heels. It’s a musical set to songs by The Go-Go’s about an aristocrat family in Elizabethan times. That totally sounds like her jam, right? Period pieces and 80s music. She is one of the producers and the show will be heading to Broadway this summer. That’s definitely a producer’s outfit she’s wearing – one of the most unremarkable outfits I’ve seen on her in a while. 

This was G’s first public appearance since her engagement party last weekend, hosted by Ryan Murphy which some thought was the wedding proper, especially considering the guest list. Are all those movie stars going to show up again for the actual wedding? Or is the actual wedding really just going to be a very small, intimate affair? When is the actual wedding? According to Page Six the actual wedding will take place later this year in the Hamptons. 

For some reason though, something is still pinging my smutty senses about this, that there’s a missing piece to all of it – not a bad piece, nothing scandalous, nothing shady…just… some invisible bit of information that everything seems to be orbiting. Call it gossip instinct, whatever. I’m definitely feeling it here. You?