Gwyneth Paltrow has been in New York the last week promoting The Politician, celebrating her birthday, and the one year anniversary of her marriage to Brad Falchuk. I LOVE the Gucci outfit she wore for her birthday dinner with those black ribbon white sneakers, also my favourite. She also shared this photo of herself and Brad to commemorate their milestone yesterday. 


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When they got married last year, some eyebrows were raised because Chris Martin did not seem to be at the wedding. (And we now know that there’s no drama between the four of them, since they spent part of the summer together in the Hamptons). Instead he and Dakota Johnson were both at the Global Citizen Festival and they attended again this year. 

In 2018, at this event, Dakota asked people to call her and share their stories:


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Yesterday she announced a new podcast, The Left Ear – a compilation of the voice messages she received in response to her request. She spoke about the project on stage at the event: 

And shared this post about the podcast: 


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On Friday night, she and Chris attended Forest Whitaker’s Place for Peace gala to “raise awareness on the crucial role of youth in peace building and sustainable development”. Amazingly, they allowed themselves to be photographed at their table. Or, rather, it’s amazing that HE allowed it instead of running for shelter: 

They were also seen holding hands yesterday after the Global Citizen Festival was over and, once again, Chris wasn’t looking for an escape route. Excellent progress. How long before they take it to the next step?  

In other Dakota news, she wrapped production this summer on a film called Covers, with Tracee Ellis-Ross, a comedy about the LA music scene. Nisha Ganatra (Late Night) directed. Probably there will be some singing so now I’m wondering…

Do you think Dakota might be considered for Daisy Jones? She’s got that 70s vibe about her for sure.