On this week’s episode of What’s Your Drama, Sasha and I debate whether or not it’s a friendship dealbreaker if you don’t go to your best friend’s wedding - for a really good reason. Also Sasha tries not to judge me for the beauty treatment I really want to get

Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t appreciate being accused of skiing and running so she’s suing back because she’s saying the other dude actually ran into her. Look. If anyone’s going to be suing Gwyneth, I’m not sure it should be for a ski incident with several different versions of events than, say, promoting shady wellness practices when science’s version of events doesn’t support the claims. (Dlisted)

Well here’s a new idea for a show, I guess. What happens when you’re in the Kardashian-Jenner inner circle but get excommunicated? Hasn’t this happened before? Or is this the first time it’s happened to a supporting-tertiary character on an accusation of infidelity? Is this a recycled storyline or a brand new one? (Cele|bitchy)

I very much love Chloe Grace Moretz’s sleeves and this entire look in general. In general I love layering. Layering a longer sleeve under a short one is a great way to create an outfit. And we should all invest in the perfect black or neutral sweater or sweater dress with the right size neck and sleeves to be able to accommodate what you can add underneath it. (Go Fug Yourself)

Is there a “helpful gesture” that actually annoys the sh-t out of you? Is it time to play “be an ungrateful asshole?” Ok. Here’s what happened to me yesterday at the airport - I couldn’t hear what a security person said to me during the security check and some lady stepped in and offered to “translate” for me, assuming that English is not my first language. I want you to imagine my eyes becoming razors. Because that’s how sharp they cut her. (Pajiba)

Miranda Lambert’s husband, Brendan, always wanted to meet her. Like he’s crushed hard for years. He’s always hoped for a chance. This story just keeps getting better and better. If you tell me next that he proposed on the first date, I would believe it. (TMZ)

You think any of the nominees will click on this article? They should. For inspiration. For what to do on Sunday night if their name gets called. So that, hopefully, we can avoid watching people read lists off a piece of paper. (Vulture)