Gwyneth Paltrow is featured in this month’s WSJ Magazine. As a CEO. It’s right there, on the cover: Gwyneth Paltrow, CEO. You know she loves this so much. This is where we are now. Gwyneth Paltrow, not even “former actress” but simply “CEO”. Of goop, of course, recently valuated at $250 million. 


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It’s interesting to me the quote that’s pulled out in that Instagram caption:

“It’s so beautiful to see people feeling empowered by natural solutions or ancient modalities alongside science and medicine.”


ALONGSIDE science and medicine now? 

As we’ve seen here and elsewhere, there are scientists, some more vocal than others, who’ve actively disputed many of goop’s recommendations and approaches to health and wellness. Up until recently, goop’s problem, according to science, is that actual science is being ignored. They’re pivoting though. “Under scrutiny, goop embraces science” was a headline that came out late summer. Now G is talking about the benefits of working “alongside science and medicine” and has been making changes in the company to address concerns and support its growth. Ohhhhh. So I guess sometimes criticism is actually valid? 

You know what’s extra interesting to me about this? It’s the reason why celebrity is so interesting in the first place. Because if this was any other CEO, business executive, whatever, who wasn’t of Hollywood in their previous life, I wonder if the reporting would be any different. Elon Musk, for example, has been really closely observed this year, and challenged, for some questionable decisions, by business journalists and financial experts. This is not how G and goop are being reported on by WSJ Magazine. Is it because WSJ Magazine is business “lite” or is it the celebrity effect? I keep thinking about how one of the reasons the relationship between goop and Condé Nast ended is because of fact-checking. It’s kind of what they’re supposed to do in business. 

Gwyneth very much wants to be taken seriously as a business person and often says that because she’s a celebrity, people have underestimated her. Fair enough. But in business, there is fact-checking. In the celebrity world, well, there are ways to get around that. Which way does G want to play it? 

Maybe we’re not supposed to think all that hard about this profile. She looks gorgeous in this photo shoot. And in addition to goop, she talks about her personal life, about coming out of a divorce to find love again. Here’s what she says about her marriage to Brad Falchuk – and it’s a good point:

“It’s fantastic. I feel like we are probably better equipped to choose our life partner when we are halfway through life. But generally, we have to pick our spouses a lot earlier because of the whole procreation piece….for me it has been more of a process, and so I feel really lucky to have met this person who is an incredible, true partner.”

I think I might be much more open to G’s relationship advice than all the potions and vitamins and etc, you know? 


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