It was reported yesterday that Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk are engaged. According to ET this isn’t new - it’s been a year, they’ve just kept it secret. So … like… a casual engagement? 

G and Brad F (because whenever I say “G and Brad” it will always be “Pitt”) of course have both been married before. And they started dating shortly after their marriages ended. There was even rumoured to have been some overlap. Because Gwyneth is Gwyneth though, none of that ever stuck to her. What stuck is “conscious uncoupling”. Coasting has never been G’s problem. 

Last year, G told the Daily Mail that, despite the fact that her first marriage didn’t last, she would consider marrying again:

“I think marriage is a beautiful and noble institution. And I haven’t gone off it. My parents had their huge ups and downs, but they had a successful relationship; they adored each other. I absolutely believe in marriage and I wouldn’t rule it out. But I’m not rushing into it.”

That was back in 2016. And if she and Brad F have really been secretly engaged for a year, those remarks take on a lot more context.

Here’s G at the Bumble Bizz launch last week. It’s an app meant to help with networking opportunities for women in business. Hopefully, going forward, they’ll be able to showcase a more diverse panel?