Do you eat the free samples at the grocery store when you’re shopping? I’m not against it but I don’t do it. Because I’m always worried about not having washed my hands and putting my hands on the grocery cart that thousands of people have put their hands on and I’m pretty sure grocery stores don’t disinfect the handles on their grocery carts. This, I know, is my issue though. I put hand sanitiser on every five minutes. Anyway, my question about woman and half the cake she ate is… how? With her hands? Or did she have a utensil? If she had a utensil, where did she get it from? Did she open up a box of plastic forks and take one out? Or does she roll with a fork in her bag, always ready? By the way, I always roll with a fork sealed in a ziplock in my work backpack. It’s because I pack my lunch every day. A friend of mine was poking around in there the other day and asked me if I was planning to disappear, I have so many essentials in there. (Dlisted) 

Princess Kate was at Wimbledon yesterday and sat for a while in the regular people seats before heading over to the Royal Box. She looks good in this white dress. I quite like the pleats. But it’s not like we’re straying far from her style lane. Get ready for 50 more years of this, at least. As we know, Kate loves the tennis. I wish we could, one day, get a shot of her playing tennis. I want to see her backhand. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Speaking of the tennis…Serena Williams won her opening match the other day but she didn’t look like she was in top form. I’m OK with this. I prefer when players get better with every match and peak when it matters. Really want her to peak when it matters. She’ll also be playing mixed doubles with Andy Murray. In addition to the extra court time, I think it’ll help with her nerves, to go out there without singles pressure and work on her game. Interesting bit here about chasing Margaret Court’s record and by chasing it, she validates it… when it’s really not the same, comparing their accomplishments, because Margaret wasn’t competing with people at the same level. I wonder, though, if one of the reasons Serena wants to surpass it is because Margaret Court is pretty problematic – and Serena making history would mean that a woman who doesn’t come with all that grossness is recognised as the undisputed One and Only in the sport. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m really into RuPaul’s “potato” analogy. I also love it when he tells people their questions are stupid. Why would he steal a look from another queen on the show? RuPaul is in the name of the show! (OMG Blog) 

Gwyneth Paltrow was in London for the first goop summit in the UK and some goopers weren’t happy because of the cost and because G wasn’t accessible. I mean, I feel bad that they spent all that money but… did she ever pretend that she’s accessible? Here’s Gwyneth in Paris for the Valentino show today with one of her closest friends, Mr Valentino. (The Cut) 

Anna Wintour has officially approved of Cardi B’s style. (Vogue)