When the theme is Camp, “worst dressed” isn’t actually the worst. “Worst dressed” might actually be the prize. By now, hopefully, we have a better understanding of the spirit of Camp, what it can be and what it most certainly isn’t. 

Is Gwyneth Paltrow on theme? 

Is she f-cking EVER?!?

G’s look, allegedly, is inspired by Valley of the Dolls which, sure, is camp. Fine, let’s try and roll with that. Her dress is Chloe, you could say it’s a nightgown. A yellow one. But…that’s it. It’s Valley of the Dolls 50% at best. Weak. Which still lands her in “boring” territory because she clearly couldn’t commit all the way. At least give us some back-combing! Or show up in hair rollers. 

Maybe that would be too much. 

Too much? 

Too much…camp? 

This is the problem, see? She’s restrained the inspiration, which undermines the whole effort – if there is any effort here at all. Gwyneth’s Valley of the Dolls claim feels like the person who doesn’t come in costume for Halloween and shows up to the party in jeans and a white t-shirt and claims their costume is “bike courier”. Or in a cocktail dress and claims they’re a “model”. It’s a cop-out. It’s an excuse to not have to look “weird” or “tacky” or whatever gets in the way of looking “pretty”. 

On a night when so many people gave us so much life, what does Gwyneth Paltrow even add to the Met Gala?