This has happened before. But it doesn’t happen often. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner photographed together at the Baby2Baby Gala on Saturday night, where G was honoured with The Giving Tree Award. Baby2Baby provides essential items to low-income families and nearly $4 million was raised that night in support of the organisation. Jennifer Garner was presented with the same award last year. 

Beyond philanthropy, I don’t have to tell you the connection between these two. The first time G and Jen were officially photographed together it was March 2004, in Vegas, at the ShoWest (which is now CinemaCon). 

Six months after that, Jennifer and Ben Affleck were dating. 

Eleven years later, in September 2015, which was just 3 months after Jen and Ben announced their separation, Jen and G were photographed together again at the Think It Up telethon.

Now, two years after that, we get these most recent shots. What do you think they talked about? Or, what do you think they DIDN’T talk about?