Earlier I wrote about Sydney Sweeney and what she said about money but also about how so many people are connected in Hollywood and get their start because of those connections. 

Enter Gwyneth Paltrow, a 90s nepo-baby, who’s talking to a 2010s nepo-baby about how nepo-babies actually have to work harder? GP is a pro troll at this point but I don’t think she’s trolling here; I think she means what she says… and what she says is bullsh-t… but this is what happens when you’re surrounded by enablers and other nepo-babies. (Dlisted)


There was a time when Helena Bonham Carter dressed like everyone else on a red carpet and looking back… I hated it. (Go Fug Yourself)

.Alexandra Daddario is obsessed with Meghan Markle and she says she copied Meghan’s engagement ring for her own. I hope Alexandra is ready for whatever f-ckery the Daily Mail will be sending her way. (Cele|bitchy)

Beyoncé said the “best revenge is your paper” and Olivia Rodrigo is living that spirit. But also? At the age she was when she wrote “drivers licence”, that first heartbreak feels like it’s monumental. And then a few months ago by, or less, and you can barely remember. It’s standard for that era in our lives. (Pajiba)

Alison Herman on how “late night television is moving backward”. (The Ringer)