What did I tell you earlier? About Gwyneth Paltrow? When I posted about G this morning and her birthday-gram for her fiancé Brad Falchuk, at the end of that article, I told you she wasn’t done. And here she is on Instagram again, with another birthday message, this time for Chris Martin, whose birthday is today, a day after Brad Falchuk’s. 


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G and Chris, as we know, are famously consciously uncoupled. They co-parent, they live close by, they remain so close that they even holiday together. So he’s gone from her lover to… her brother. That’s how she describes him – “my brother”. As you can see from the comments on that post, some people think it’s weird. Is it? 

I can’t decide. Is it like when brothers and sisters are a figure skating team? Or is it not a big deal here because they’re still family, right? Just because they’re divorced doesn’t mean the family isn’t intact. They’ve worked hard to keep it intact. So… if he’s a family member and he’s no longer a husband, I suppose the only family role he could fit into here is brother? I mean, it wouldn’t be uncle. That would be even weirder. And it also just made me laugh. I don’t know if we have to spend too much time here debating whether or not this is weird. It takes away from the point she’s actually trying to make which is yet another humblebrag about the fact that their split was so civilised and graceful that a beautiful family photo like this is possible. Forever and always, smug.