I mean, I hate to do this because it’s not like she needs another win but I really, really do love this outfit. It’s not unlike Rosamund Pike’s travel outfit that I just posted and it’s probably a toss-up between which one is better and I guess it depends on your eye, what print and colours you gravitate towards. For me, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow's neutrals maxi dress here. I LOVE this dress. I love that it’s a turtleneck. I love the colours. I love the shapes created here in this design. What does it remind me of – is it tiles? Is it like…landscaping? 

Also, from these shots, the fabric looks light. Still warm, but not heavy to wear. And of course, the sneakers. Probably even better with sneakers than any other footwear option?

For me, if I were to wear this, I’d experiment with sizes. Depending on your preference you can make it cling, or you get size up for a looser fit. This is also why I think this dress has the slight edge over Rosamund’s. If you overize Rosamund’s it loses its intended structure, especially considering the pleats. G’s dress may be more versatile that way.