Straight up fashion post here and I’m not sure Hailee Steinfeld minds because she stepped out today in New York, where she’s been promoting Hawkeye on Disney+, and as you can see, she is feeling this look. 

I’m feeling it too. 


It’s a sweater suit. Over sized. Great colour combination – pink and grey, Marc Jacobs, excellent on its own. But what really makes it pop is the addition of the white turtleneck. It’s that little touch that bring out the pink, polishes the outfit, and creates more separation between her neck and shoulders. I’m glad she’s strutting around the place, style this good should be seen. 

A note on the hair though – this is a topknot, with side-part tendrils, I call this an Instagram updo, because you see it a lot on influencers on IG. At least I do. And on IG it’s a bit of a throwback to the 90s, though, right? This was 90s hair. Like in some of these shots, Hailee looks to me like Fran Drescher! 

Anyway, are you into this hair? Again, I don’t know what other people are calling it, so I’m going with the Instagram updo. It’s not for me, because I don’t halfway my topknots, it’s either up or not, but I’m curious to see how popular it really is.