Back in June, when the first trailer for Bumblebee was released, Sarah wrote that she didn’t hate it. In fact, she was charmed and surprised by its sweetness because the story is about Hailee Steinfeld and her new friend, Bumblebee, the alien. Not unlike Elliott and E.T. So, like, perfect for this time of year. 

The first reviews for Bumblebee are now available and it is currently, at post time, sitting at a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes…what? Are we sure this is a Transformers movie? Maybe that’s the answer. Maybe the expectations for Transformers movies have been so lowered that this take on a Transformers story, about a young girl and her car, is automatically way better by comparison. Maybe you’re already starting from an advantage because Mark Wahlberg’s not in it. 


To be fair, the critics are enjoying that very sweetness that Sarah noted in her post about the trailer. It’s not just about the explosions (pretty sure there are going to be some explosions in this movie). That’s been the problem with Transformers movies: things explode for the sake of exploding. But Bumblebee is apparently about more than just explosions. Bumblebee is about friendship. Is this movie going to try to make me cry? I don’t think I’ve ever asked this about a Transformers movie. A Transformers movie that cares about feelings? Set in the 80s? Sh-t. I think I might have to go see it. 

And you know what my big hope for it will be? That kids will see a girl driving a car in manual transmission and aspire to learn how to drive in manual transmission, thus saving the manual transmission. Here’s where I go off again on driving and distracted driving – there’d be a lot less of it if people knew how to drive stick! Since none of you know how to drive stick, they’re phasing it out of a lot of – most – car models. SAVE THE MANUAL TRANSMISSION. 

Here’s Hailee in New York today promoting Bumblebee in multiple outfits including what could have easily been the Outfit of the Week had I not had so much else to say about the movie. This jumpsuit! THIS COAT. That red lining really makes it right?