There is nothing I love more than teen contempt. Remember Malia and Sasha Obama’s faces when they had to accompany their dad, the PRESIDENT, at the turkey pardon? Everyone else in the world is like, man, that Obama is so cool. Except for his two daughters, the two people he wants to impress most, and they’re like, nah, you’re a dork, dad. You’re a dork. Here’s another example of teen contempt. I’m really looking forward to when Duana’s kid is a teen and his reaction to the inevitable: when his mother starts lecturing his teachers at the parent-teacher meetings about Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda. (Dlisted) 

Johnny Depp has a lot of jobs. He’s an actor, he think he’s a rock star, and he also stars in his own lawsuits. He just wrapped up a lawsuit with her former managers, he’s still in the middle of one with a former bodyguard. There’s something else I can’t remember and he’s now suing a British paper for defamation. Is this one of the reasons he decided to settle with TMG? Because it might be easier to make back some of his money from a tabloid? Is another reason because he wants to drag Amber Heard from a side door? No, no, no, of course not. Johnny Depp is an honourable and stable man. (Cele|bitchy) 

I LOVE this parachute dress on Hailey Baldwin. It’s very practical, not only if you’re Tom Cruise but if you’re an ordinary citizen, walking around in cold weather. Imagine it over a pair of tights? Great outfit! In the fall. Or winter. Not sure this is the season for it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

We here at LaineyGossip love the Pajiba crew. Hi Pajiba! WE LOVE YOU. So I say this with love – how can you have a conversation about movie soundtracks and not include Reality Bites!?! Oh baby I love your way…! (Pajiba) 

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are photographed together again with his son. Getting closer and closer then. How long before they’re on a red carpet together? Anna Faris has yet to walk a red carpet with Michael Barrett so… does she get to go first? Is this a decision everyone makes together? (TMZ) 

This read was submitted by Duana Taha. It’s a Tinder conversation that turned into an argument over pets and gayness. I have two dogs. Jacek and I both think Barney, our older dog, is gay. If someone asked me if Barney was gay I would not be offended. In fact, I think Barney could be a gay icon. I would very much want Barney to be a gay icon. Jacek agrees that Barney could totally be a gay icon but doesn’t want this for him because he wants to protect Barney’s privacy. We all know the havoc that comes with fame. (Buzzfeed)