Breaking news is usually that someone is pregnant. This breaking news is about Hailey Bieber not being pregnant and cockblocking Us Weekly’s report that she is, and now they’re probably not going to run it. And she seems annoyed. It was also annoying when Justin Bieber did that April Fool’s joke about her being pregnant. (Dlisted) 


Stephen Colbert needed a moment last night because even after all these years of Trump’s vileness, it was still shocking what he did in that press conference last night. And while Stephen was angry, mostly he was … well… devastated. It’s devastating to watch someone try to murder an ideal, a pure ideal. And it’s such a f-cking tragedy that so many people have been led astray to not see it the same way. (Pajiba) 

Five years ago, when the world couldn’t imagine the f-cksh-t we’ve all seen from a man who has repeatedly attacked democracy and did it again, heartbreakingly, last night, the Fug Girls couldn’t decide on this dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence. I could. And the decision is the same. It’s not good. It’s the material. The wrong material for this design. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Greta Thunberg can be many things at once: passionate, principled, purposeful, and prepared… to drop a sick burn. On the (current) President of the United States.  (Cele|bitchy) 

It’s quiz time. And once again I bring you a quiz that determines your age based on food selection – in this case it’s a Thanksgiving food selection. I wondered what the quiz would think of me based on the first answer alone: how many slices of turkey do I want? That would be NO TURKEY, thank you. I hate turkey. Turkey is terrible. I’ll get more into this as we get closer to the holidays but let me just preemptively stop you if you’re about to tell me about your classic turkey recipe that converts people over to turkey…NO. You will never convince me that turkey should be served at what are supposed to be celebratory, heartwarming gatherings. It’s dry, even the dark meat is dry, and it has no flavour, and I want none of it. And so this quiz ended up telling me I’m 14 years old. I’ll take that, happily. (Buzzfeed)