There was some online talk about both Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner in white dresses this week. Let’s start with Hailey who was at Stephanie Shepherd and Larry Jackson’s wedding last weekend. Stephanie is Kim Kardashian’s former assistant, Larry is a record producer, both are very well connected. Here are some photos and videos that Swizz Beatz posted from the reception – via PEOPLE:


I’m showing you this because as you can see, there did not seem to be a white dress code at the wedding. And this is what Hailey wore: 

You can see from the comments that people were side-eyeing her for wearing white to a wedding which is, as I think most of us know at this point, not good form as a guest – not when you’re a civilian and especially not when you’re a professional model. 


I’ve been to weddings where a woman shows up in white and I feel like it seems to be happening more and more. Is it because the rules are changing or… is it because Main Character Energy is getting harder and harder to switch off? I also feel like the Kardashians and their adjacents are always causing controversy over their wedding attire. People popped off a couple of years ago at Kendall when she wore an all-cutout dress to Lauren Perez’s wedding and they both had to later clarify that Kendall checked with Lauren beforehand. And then just this week everyone said Kim pulled a Kendall with the outfit she wore to Stephanie’s wedding. So maybe this is the new rule: if you invite a Kardashian or a Kardashian-adjacent to your wedding, expect that whatever they wear will go viral for its alleged etiquette violation. 

As for Kendall and her white dress this week, she walked the Jacquemus runway. There was a lot of white in the collection so if they described it as super sexy bridal, it would totally make sense. Like Madonna at the 1984 MTV VMAs when she wore a wedding dress and writhed to “Like a Virgin”. 

Models including Gigi Hadid walk the runway during "Le Chouchou" Jacquemus' Fashion Show at Chateau de Versailles on June 26, 2023 in Versailles, France

That wasn’t, however, the inspiration. The inspiration was Princess Diana and Kendall’s look in particular came from the princess’s “revenge dress” …

…specifically the choker, and then her own wedding dress and those pouffy sleeves. 

Kendall Jenner walks the runway during "Le Chouchou" Jacquemus' Fashion Show at Chateau de Versailles on June 26, 2023 in Versailles, France

I mean, it’s Simon Jacquemus, he’s never going to not be provocative about his designs. 


In other Hailey and Kendall news, they both stepped out yesterday again in similar fashion energy which I’m calling uniform athleisure, very much my personal vibe. School or military uniform style has been a big trend for at least a couple of years now – Thom Browne is the best at it - with an overall polished and structured presentation. Now on Hailey and Kendall we’re seeing it softened and loose. Like how you would wear your school uniform after classes, with a hoodie pulled over your kilt the way Hailey’s doing it…

Justin and Hailey Bieber at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, June 29, 2023

… and ditching your own school blazer for your boyfriend’s oversized one over an untucked dress shirt the way Kendall is doing it. 

Kendall Jenner out for dinner in New York, June 29, 2023

Plus the black loafers. This is basically what I looked like every day at 430pm for a few years there in high school and it’s still what you see now after the final bell outside any all-girls or co-ed private school these days, too. The models are making it a trend.