Is this the second time this week that I’ve mentioned The Hills in this space? I’ve only just now realised that they’re promoting the new series. And I’ve only just now remembered that Mischa Barton is in it. All these years later, what’s changed? Well. The colour hasn’t. And by “colour” I mean hair colour, LOLOLOLOL. (Dlisted) 

Who was it? Was it Chris Pratt a few years ago who demonstrated that he could braid? And everyone loved him for it? It’s a skill that more dads should learn, like at least the basics. I only know the basics. I can do a very basic braid. I wish I could do more complicated braids. I feel like I have the finger dexterity for it. I just never learned. Nobody taught me. Someone needs to teach Prince William. (Cele|bitchy) 

The latest Alexander McQueen runway. So many glorious pieces. That Princess Kate of Cambridge will never wear, it’s too f-cking bad. (Go Fug Yourself) 
I don’t drink coffee. It disagrees with me. It makes me jittery. But I’ve never been someone who needs something to “wake up”. When I’m up, I’m all the way up immediately. This always confuses Duana who mainlines coffee. We’ll be working through an all-nighter and sometimes she’ll forget and ask me if I want a coffee and I’ll be like, nope, and she’ll remember and grunt in frustration. Here’s the downside of not drinking coffee: I feel like I miss out on all kinds of coffee-adjacent drinks. Ariana Grande’s just created one. (Pajiba) 

Queen Elizabeth is on the ‘gram. Sorry. That was painful. I’m sorry for causing the face you just made and whatever it is that your eyes just did. Do you wish though, a little, that Her Majesty introduced herself that way on Instagram? Dear Subjects of the ‘gram, this is your Queen here. (TMZ) 

GOSSIP NOSTALGIA ALERT: Sarah’s taking us back to a summer of Julia Roberts Drama – and even though the gossip around Julia is what we remember now, Sarah as usual f-cking nails it at the end when she points out that there was something that no one picked up on that, well, did much more lasting damage. (Decider)