Halle Berry posted a photo on Instagram and people thought she got married – so she clarified. But that really was a beautiful photo that did look like a wedding, non? (Cele|bitchy) 


Andy Cohen got drunk on the CNN NYE show and said some sh-t and there’s been speculation that they won’t have him back next year but… really? Because don’t he and Anderson Cooper get drunk or tipsy every year and say some sh-t and isn’t that why the people who tune in tune in? That said, as I wrote earlier today, Miley’s is the superior show. (Dlisted) 

My style vibe this season on The Social and etalk has been “school uniform”. I love a vest over a crisp shirt over a skirt or shorts. I love ankle socks. I love plaid and pleats, sharp collars, and different lengths and I don’t have to give it up any time soon because it looks like “school uniform” will be a fashion trend next year too. At least according to Dior. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Pajiba’s annual list of celebrities to lust over and… we will ALL agree on #1. (Pajiba) 

This is wild. It’s footage from a golf course in Australia where a giant crab just… decided to hang out with some golf clubs? I still don’t understand how it happened, how the crab got all the way up there without anyone noticing. I would be afraid of the crab. My husband would be afraid of his clubs getting damaged, lol. (TMZ)