I had to think about this one. I knew Halle Berry was right at the bottom of the list, but it took me a minute to figure out why. You probably got there before me, right?

This look is, on its own, not bad. It’s not avant-garde or on-theme, but neither are fully half the attendees’ outfits. I feel like they have to either crack the whip next year or make the themes easier to parse, because this was obviously a difficulty level too high for half the celebs—or too risky for them to engage in.

But that isn’t why this is such a disappointment to me.

This is.

Sheer on top, with strategic coverage. A big old skirt wrapped around her teeny tiny waist, but from the front – oh, there are her legs! It’s one shoulder instead of two, a different colour, and there’s more of a train in 2017 than in 2002, but she’s unconsciously chosen something that is not only not new, not only not ‘Avant-Garde’, but it’s the same dress as the most iconic one she’s ever worn… which was completely and totally new at the time.

I don’t want to come off as ageist. This isn’t about trends, exactly. Halle’s far from the first to find a style she loves and stick to it… and I don’t know if I can question that choice to stick to it at any other event—just as I can concede that this dress probably isn’t easy to wear to other things Halle might have to attend.

But if you’re not dressing on the theme, not doing anything crazy-creative (though I grudgingly suppose you could make a case for this being representative of ‘the in-between’ which is a sub-sub-heading of this year’s theme), AND you’re doing something you’ve already done, personally, I cannot call this a win. And I think they really need to bring back the word ‘COSTUME Institute’ to next year’s invites.