Have you ever seen Halle Berry wearing her hair in a topknot? Like a true topknot, all hair scraped back, no fringe, no nothing.

Have you?

I can’t remember ever seeing her in a topknot. It’s so rare that, in thumbnail form, at first I thought these shots were of JLO. This is Halle Berry though, not JLO, doing press for Kidnap in New York this morning, looking So.F-cking.Good ….in a topknot!


It’s slightly not high enough on the head for my taste – I’d push it an inch forward – but still. Still. Her face. That face.

Last night Halle was not in a topknot on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. They played the Box of Lies game. She’s good at it. But what I like most is her laugh. Halle has a very, very cute laugh.

As for Kidnap, it’s currently rated 44% on Rotten Tomatoes which is 38% better than The Emoji Movie which has actually improved from its initial rating of 1% last week. So… not horrid? But also, not great. That said, it’s a classic August movie, before August became a hope for Hollywood. A B movie that never pretended to be more. So, most likely, it won’t go anywhere, but as I said last week, it might just be a starter for what Halle’s got coming up in the fall with Kingsman 2 and Kings. Oh hey. I just realised how similar the names of those movies are.