Halle Berry’s been a headline for the last few days and if you missed it, here’s a quick summary of what happened. Drake and SZA released a new song called “Slime You Out”. Drake used an image of Halle Berry getting slimed at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards. 


In response to Drake posting the picture, Halle shared this on her Instagram: 

And in the comments confirmed that the quote was about Drake, telling her followers that he reached out to her for permission, she said no, and he went ahead and licensed the use of the picture anyway which she took to be a “f-ck you”, and she’s not wrong. If you’re going to do it anyway over someone’s objections, it is a “f-ck you”. 


“Slime You Out” is a song about exes, past relationships, feeling used by past lovers, and there can be a sexual connection in there – like using someone for sex, or feeling like you’re being used for sex. So, obviously, with that photo, and all that slime all over Halle’s face, she was clearly uncomfortable with the context. 

Now that you’re all caught up on that, let’s talk about the reaction to Halle’s clapback. Many people were supportive, no doubt, but some people were like… Halle Berry is clout chasing by association to Drake…which… 

Excuse me? 


Look, I get it that the gossip I care about may not be the gossip that the younger generation cares about. But that doesn’t mean we can just go around making sh-t up. Here’s where I get on my old lady soap box about foundational gossip and understanding the celebrity ecosystem and not only how it exists today but how it got to this point. And sometimes I feel like the kids totally skipped that entire year of class because…

In what world would Halle Berry have to use Drake for clout?! 

And especially in Drake’s world where he is always, astutely, attaching himself to certain stories and people to advance his own game. I mean, he’s very, very good at this so I’m not trying to be shady here, it’s more of a recognition of one of his best skills, but wouldn’t it be DRAKE who is benefiting from this controversy and not the other way around, FFS? People are listening to the song, the song got free publicity from Halle speaking out about it – Drake is winning, as usual. And that’s fine, he stays winning, but at the same time, let’s not buy into the amateur hour take on this where Halle Berry’s the one who needs Drake for clout.


As Halle reminded us yesterday, she was crowned well before he crowned himself. 

Here’s Halle yesterday at the airport in New York.