On this week’s Sasha Answers, we talk about wedding dresses – Meghan Markle’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s, and our own. Also what to do when a petty friend trolls you on Instagram, what to do when your friend’s makeup is janky, and the rules of dating after your first serious relationship is over. 

I love the way Halle Berry talks about Catwoman – with no shame. Was it really that bad? It’s been a long time. And since then, there have been some really, really, REALLY bad movies. Are you seriously telling me that Catwoman is worse than some of Adam Sandler’s movies? I wouldn’t have any regrets either with that paycheque and the way she looked in the catsuit, OMG! You know what this reminds me of though? How Ben Affleck used to talk about Daredevil. For years it was an apology. And then he turned it into a joke, like he would take the jokes about him in Daredevil and accept that he was the joke. But what if, all along, he just repositioned the conversation around what he learned and the people he met and, yes, how much he got paid? How would that have been received? (Dlisted) 

Holy sh-t. This dress on Michelle Monaghan. Is not my usual jam. But I love it. AND I think I would wear it. You know why? I’ll tell you what this dress is, and the FUG Girls are right: this dress is what would happen if a sports bra became a dress. Look at it from the back. That’s a sports bra! It’s a sports bra that kept growing but also maintained its spirit in that it allows you to move and breathe and, for a dress that’s so sequined, it seems like it would be light. Like it would not be a pain in the ass to put on and take off. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This dude, Clayne Crawford? Do you recognise him by name? I don’t but I know the face because it’s been on bus shelters for his show and every time I see it, I think to myself, “This man has a punchable face”. He also has a punchable personality. Apparently he’s been a dick to his colleagues and is now apologising for it. Even his apology is bullsh-t. This is not an apology, at least not to me. This is someone who’s saying they f-cked up because they’re just so “passionate” about their work. There are plenty of people who are passionate about their work and don’t abuse people. Hiding behind your creative passion is not an acceptable excuse. (Cele|bitchy) 

It’s a quiz feast! Like literally! Here are three quizzes about food – and I couldn’t pick just one so you’re getting them all. First… can your food choices determine if you are an evil person? In my case yes. I am officially evil according to what I eat. Pretty sure this was entirely based on the fact that I chose the corndog. WHO WOULDN’T CHOOSE A CORNDOG?! Next… what’s your food Britishness? Are you a scotch egg or a sausage roll? I’m a scotch egg, and very happy about it. Have you ever tried a scotch egg? So f-cking good. And finally… a movie food quiz. Look at pictures of food and identify the movie the food is from. My score: 9 out of 11. Beat that, motherf-ckers! And don’t cheat! (Buzzfeed)  

I am super particular about my eyeliner. And I was interviewed by Kathleen Hou for The Cut about my eyeliner! One more quick note about this before you click, if you even care – the last step to what I think is the best eyeliner application is to blast your eye when the eyeliner is still wet with cold air from a hairdryer. It “sets” the product in place. Trust me. My eyeliner never moves. (The Cut) 

It’s been a long day. And at the end of this long ass day, what you need right now is to watch this video of Lupita Nyong’o dancing to and with Janelle Monae. It will help. I promise, promise, promise you’ll love it and it might make you horny. (Vulture)