Certain “classic” dress shapes I could do without. For example, the wrap dress. I’m also not big on the sweetheart neckline that fits to the waist and then puffs out to the skirt. 

Hana Mae Lee is wearing a “classic” dress. I don’t know what the word for it is but it’s been around forever – longish flutter sleeves, material loosely dropped across the chest, fitted through the torso, and bias to the bottom. It’s gorgeous. And it’s gorgeous on her in this silver print, all finished off with a stroooonggggg lip, and an even stronger hairstyle. 

It’s two hairstyles at the same time. It’s a short hairstyle and a long hairstyle. It’s a high, high fashion mullet. It’s amazing and I desperately want to try it but would never be able to pull it off. 

But the combination here, between the classic dress and the very, very modern hair is one of the best looks I’ve seen in weeks.