As Duana just posted, over here in our corner, nobody cared for Colin Jost and Michael Che. The antidote for that took the stage about halfway through the show when Hannah Gadsby came out to present. On her own. Which became a part of her bit. 

But there is a backstory to this too. Because a couple of months ago, Che didn’t seem to be feeling  Hannah and her comedy special, Nanette. You know, the comedy special that everyone was talking about this summer? We don’t actually know if he wasn’t feeling it because he kept claiming that he hadn’t seen it. But he also couldn’t stop mentioning it. Or sub-mentioning it. And answering people who were responding to his possible sub-mentions of it. 

So Hannah Gadsby showed up at the Emmys to, well, to sub-tell him about himself. And it was glorious. 

This person is now hopefully watching Nanette on Netflix, maybe the best thing on Netflix in 2018 (runner-up: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before). Hannah achieved what Jost and Che couldn’t manage. Which is why so many people were wondering on Twitter why it is that she isn’t hosting. I’m not sure we deserve her. 

But I am curious as to how this happened, how Hannah ended up presenting at the Emmys, these Emmys, produced by Lorne Michaels. Which is why the show was a three hour “commercial for SNL”. My assumption is that other network talent has to be represented too. And if the other networks and streaming service were submitting their talent lists for inclusion, Hannah was there repping her show on Netflix. And she took the opportunity to show Lorne and his talent what he’s missing. In other words, she showed her work.