It’s Canada Day tomorrow. So I’ve been saving this all week – a week’s worth of Celine Dion’s feelings… as expressed through her fashion, on her concert stage and on her other stage: right outside her hotel in Paris, where she’s been catwalking on a regular basis.

My favourite outfit, obviously, was the pair of leather overalls on Sunday. But I have to tell you, I even love her all-blue track suit. It’s a great track suit on its own. And it’s even better when you see that she was wearing it on a day when her twins, Eddy and Nelson, were with her. LOOK AT THESE LEATHER JACKET AND TOQUE COMBINATIONS, are you kidding me?!?

And then there’s this:

Is it a mess? Um, yeah, kinda. Does she know?

Of course she knows. Why do you think she’s POSING WITH A DOOR?

Happy Canada Day from our Queen of Feelings who won’t be in Canada this weekend but we can always feel her here at home.