Dear Gossips,

2017 will be remembered as a significant year in gossip. Certainly not my favourite year in gossip, but perhaps one of the most important nonetheless, especially because it was in 2017 that so much underground gossip came to light by the women’s whisper network, resulting in the permanent exile of some of Hollywood’s worst serial predators. It remains to be seen how the industry will restructure itself, hopefully for the better, and we will see, immediately at the start of 2018, what that could look like during award season, when Hollywood typically gathers to congratulate itself. Many anticipate that that self-celebration will look and sound a lot different. And we’ll find out really soon as next week we build towards the Golden Globes.  

But first… a weekend to recharge before we kick off a new year in gossip. We’ll be posting lightly today, dark on Monday, and back to full gossip schedule on Tuesday. 

THANK YOU, from all of us here at LaineyGossip, for continuing to make us part of your gossip schedule. This blog turns 15 (!!!) in 2018. Please know how much we appreciate your support as we have added new voices and new features to the site. Please know how grateful we are that you want to keep talking to us, and shouting at us, and reading our work. It can sometimes be challenging for small, independent blogs to protect our spaces at a time when everything around us seems so big and overwhelming. But we’re still here because YOU have taken the time to challenge us and engage with us and disagree with us and you have given us the opportunity to keep trying, to keep improving, to keep learning, and to keep working. We want to be better. Thanks so much for giving us that chance. 

Wishing you and yours health and peace and kindness and love in 2018. May you be comforted by family and friendship. May you be understood and heard. 

Here’s Celine Dion, the joy who has never let us down, to take us out. 


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Yours in gossip,