Harrison Ford was not grumpy at all at the Critics Choice Awards last night. In fact, quite the opposite – he seemed quite moved by his lifetime achievement honour and also moved by what he was seeing during the show. As he acknowledged during his speech, as an industry veteran, he was heartened by the change he’s seeing in the business. And clearly adored by his Shrinking castmates. If you’ve seen Shrinking, you know the chemistry of that cast. Harrison and Jessica Williams are my favourite onscreen friendship. I want them to be BFF in real life too. (Go Fug Yourself)


Paris Men’s Fashion Week begins tomorrow and one of the most anticipated events on the schedule is Pharrell’s third collection for Louis Vuitton which closes out day one, Tuesday night. It was already a spectacle back in November when Pharrell and LV presented in Hong Kong. Now they’re back in Paris and it’ll be interesting to see who shows up and what the theme will be. (Hype Beast


I love Mae Martin. And not just because they’re Canadian. They are delightful and if you haven’t seen their Netflix special, please get on it. Now I love Mae even more because they are gossiping about Jared Leto and the one time they sat with him at an event and Jared behaved… exactly the way you would have expected him to behave: like a pretentious f-ck. (Pajiba)  


Rosamund Pike’s dress at the Critics Choice Awards was… not my favourite. However, what I do like about the look is that it’s different, totally not what we would have predicted from her. Turquoise sequins? Never in a million years is this what I would have called for Rosamund. And that’s a good thing. The fact that she’s willing to try, once in a while, something that’s not in her wheelhouse. Not mad all this at all. (Cele|bitchy) 

Have you been watching The Brothers Sun on Netflix? This series might be a breakout moment for several actors working alongside Michelle Yeoh, including Jenny Yang, who gets to choke out one of the most iconic Asian artists of all time! (THR)