George, Charlotte, and Louis of House Cambridge are the future stars of the British royal family. That future may already be the present, kids are always popular, and for the royal institution, given their priority, always, is continuity, these three children represent their hopes of enduring. So one of the highlights today at Trooping the Colour was seeing them on their first carriage ride, all three sat on the same side, across from Camilla and Kate. And coordinated too in royal blue. 


The kids were also seen leaning out the window and hanging out with their cousins while their elders performed the traditional military inspection: 

Royal Kids watch from the balcony
Royal kids watch from the balcony at Trooping the Colour

While the Cambridge children were definitely one of the major heatscores of the day, the other heatscore was undoubtedly Prince Harry and Meghan of House Sussex. It’s been known for a while that they would not be joining the Queen for the flypast on the balcony at Buckingham Palace and still, so many headlines about the balcony scene today involved Harry and Meghan. Like this one: 

Daily Mail Headline
Daily Mail Headline

On the one hand, for the tabloids who are predisposed to sh-t on the Sussexes, it’s a petty ha-ha, you’re not there. But on the other hand, when you’re still involving them in the headline, to the point of fixation, doesn’t that mean they’re a major part of the story?! 


Harry and Meghan reportedly arrived in London on Wednesday with their two children and per Page Six the Queen sent a car and security to pick them up. As for all that noise about them being excluded or whatever from Trooping, they were actually at Trooping today. They observed the ceremony with other members of the royal family at the Major General’s Office. It is worth noting, however, that Prince Andrew was NOT at Trooping. Which means that false equivalency, putting the Sussexes in the same category as Andrew, doesn’t hold up. 

You can see more photos of Harry and Meghan at the Major General’s Office here

Harry and Meghan are expected tomorrow at St Paul’s Cathedral for the Service of Thanksgiving for what will be the largest gathering of British royal family members since their wedding in 2018.