For weeks now, as the Sussexes Harry, Meghan, and Archie have been off the grid, it was thought that they were in Los Angeles with Meghan Markle’s ma, Doria Ragland. And the UK tabloids were saying that that’s where they were (because of course they’ve often not been accurate about House Sussex…unless they have an accomplice – more on that in a minute). On Friday, the Daily Mail published that Harry and Meghan are in Canada and then shortly after Buckingham Palace officially confirmed it:

Canada, as explained in the statement, obviously makes sense. Canada is a Commonwealth country and Canada is where Meghan lived and worked while she was on Suits. Also they’ve experience staying undercover in Canada. You’ll recall, when Harry and Meghan first started dating, they spent time together in Toronto undetected for months before news broke that they were a thing. Not that we know for sure that Toronto is where they’ve staying but at least, in Canada in general, if the past is any indication, they’d have more confidence that they won’t be sold out in Toronto.     

So… how did the Daily Mail find out that the Sussexes were in Canada? You’ll recall, the Daily Mail is one of the publications that the Sussexes are suing. There is no way they would have placed the story at the DM. Where is the leak coming from? 

As we’ve seen over the last year, there’s been all kinds of internal politics happening inside the palace with courtiers from various households jockeying for position. Some suspect that that’s why Harry and Meghan have distanced themselves from the nucleus of the royal family shenanigans. For a few weeks, they were probably happy to let the world think they were in America while they were actually in Canada but obviously they’d have to let a select few people know though where they’re going. Now, as you can imagine, everyone’s trying to scramble to find out where in Canada they might be and what details can be revealed about how they’re spending their time. 

But the thing is, again, it would have been a small circle of knowledge. Only certain people would have known about the location. Do you remember the trap that Colleen Rooney set for Rebekah Vardy a couple of months ago? Given how locked down the Sussexes are these days, it wouldn’t be hard to trace the leak. The British tabloids are a problem for sure. But the British tabloids are getting their tips from somewhere. That’s the kind of thing a lawsuit can’t fix.