Dear Gossips,

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. That’s one mystery solved. One major mystery to go. Good morning! Welcome to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day!

We’ll post photos of the arrivals and the dress and the moments of the day as soon as we can get them downloaded and uploaded. I’ve been thinking a lot about photos today because everywhere you go here Windsor, they’re selling those hilarious souvenirs with Harry and Meghan’s faces all over them. From the engagement, and she’s wearing the white coat. Nobody is going to care about that shot anymore. Say goodbye to this photo then. It’s being retired. 

I’m writing this from just inside the King Henry VIII at Windsor Castle as one of a few reporters on a tour of the chapel before the wedding guests to experience what it will be inside. I know it’s cheesy to call it a “fairy tale” but you feel it today, you can’t help it with that setting!

So I’m on the ground now. Along the procession route. And I’ll post as quickly as possible all my observations etc. 

Yours in royal wedding watch,