Dear Gossips,

They’re calling for a pretty perfect day weather-wise tomorrow in Windsor – no rain in the forecast, lots of sunshine, cool in the morning and warming up right when it matters, around noon, when Meghan Markle will walk down the aisle at St George’s Chapel to marry Prince Harry. That carriage ride along the Long Walk as they make their way back to Windsor Castle is going to be pretty spectacular. We did some shooting there yesterday and there are already people camped out on the grass on both sides of the Long Walk and other places along the procession route. I can’t wait to see the aerial shots of what that stretch will look like tomorrow. 

Harry and Meghan had tea with the Queen yesterday. I did an interview with an etiquette expert the other day and, apparently, if you’re having tea with the Queen, the Queen pours the tea because she’s the host. This would freak me out. Also we’re not supposed to stir our tea in a circular motion. It’s back and forth, “six and twelve, six and twelve”, without touching the edges of the cup. Has someone explained this to Meghan’s ma, Doria Ragland? Doria is expected to meet the Queen today. We always hear about the etiquette that people are expected to observe when they’re around royals, the lessons that Kate Middleton and now Meghan Markle are said to have received. At one point though do their family members get briefed on what to do and what not to do on these occasions? Is there a handbook? 

So there’s one day to go…and three major questions still to be answered: 

Meghan’s wedding dress – who designed it? 

Who will walk her down the aisle?*

And what will Harry and Meghan’s new titles be? 

The Queen gave William and Catherine their new titles at 8am the morning of their wedding. Curious to see if it will be the same for Harry and Meghan. 

Today is my busiest day of shooting as I start at 630am local time and we’re going straight through until 630pm. I’ve pre-written a couple of posts to go up this morning, including one about an interesting wedding dress rumour, and Kathleen and Sarah will also be contributing several articles while I update from my phone in between interviews and other satellite hits.  

Heads up about tomorrow and the weekend: come visit as we are open for business and we will start posting photos as soon as they come in, and I’ll fill in some of the details from here on the ground in Windsor. Monday is a holiday in Canada so our content will be light but by then I’ll be able to write more extensively about wedding weekend and other observations. Duana and I will also be recording the new episode of Show Your Work as soon as I get home on Sunday and we’ll discuss the work that goes into the royal wedding. We’ll get that up on Monday too. You can also check my Twitter feed for updates in real time. 

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


*UPDATE: as mentioned, today’s site open was written very early this morning, before it was announced that Prince Charles is walking Meghan Markle down the aisle. We’ll address this in the first post.