So it’s been two weeks since the release of Rich People Problems, the third and final book in Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians series. Have you finished yet? Have you started yet? People keep asking me for summer book recommendations. Here’s your summer book recommendation:

Crazy Rich Asians
China Rich Girlfriend
Rich People Problems

The reason you need to get caught up is because, as you know, they’ve been shooting the movie for over a month now, production has now moved from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, where all the Crazy Rich Asian sh-t is rooted, and pretty soon they’re going to wrap. And maybe soon after that they’ll set a release date. And it’ll be 2018 and THIS MOVIE BETTER BE OUT NEXT YEAR. And hopefully it’ll be the rom-com we’ve all been waiting for. Because if the way they’ve cast this movie is any indication, the movie will be good – this team is very, very good.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed yesterday that Harry Shum Jr will play Charlie who is Astrid’s ex-boyfriend. And, therefore, one third of the Crazy Rich Asians love triangle. If I had to, had to, had to give you a loose comparison, just to provide you with some basic context, think of Charlie as Mark Darcy. Which would make Astrid a much more elegant, much more stylish, much less clumsy, but no less messed up Bridget Jones. And Astrid’s husband, Michael, Hugh Grant’s Daniel Cleaver. It’s a loose comparison. But I’m making it here because the way Kevin Kwan has written his story, the star of Crazy Rich Asians, for some readers like me, is not Rachel, the Constance Wu character, but Astrid, the Gemma Chan character. We enter the world of Crazy Rich Asians through Rachel. And Rachel gets her share of drama, no doubt. But Astrid’s drama is just as smutty, just as soapy. Which is why, for Astrid’s love interest(s), you need to get it right.

Harry Shum Jr is definitely right as Charlie. Charlie is based in Hong Kong, a tech billionaire, naturally. Harry’s ma is from Hong Kong, he speaks Cantonese. And he can totally play a hot Hong Kong tech billionaire, OMG. I can’t wait to see how he and Gemma Chan, as Astrid, vibe off each other. They’re already getting cute on Twitter: