Harry Styles is self-isolating in Los Angeles. He did a radio call back in the UK this week and revealed that he was actually supposed to return home to England a few weeks ago but that’s when flights out of America were cancelled which means he’s currently away from family and staying in the US for the foreseeable future. Not that he doesn’t have any friends there, obviously, but being apart from family is, for him, just as it is for so many of us, probably pretty hard, even when you live in the same city. Imagine being an entire country and an ocean apart. Which is not to say you should feel worse for Harry than anybody else, obviously. My point is that if there’s one way you might be able to relate to Harry Styles right now it’s that he’s separated from loved ones too. 

Here’s Harry yesterday out for a hike on his own in the Hollywood hills. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of celebrities out in groups or with friends when they’re going for walks, getting exercise. The fact that Harry’s on his own doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s in quarantine on his own – maybe he just wanted some time to himself, to get away from whoever he might be in quarantine with because that’s another thing right? If you are one of the people in lockdown with partners, it’s all day every day in the same space, and no matter how much you like someone, it eventually gets to become A LOT. I mean, I love my husband but I’m not sure we were supposed to be together up in each other’s faces so intensely. 

That said, there are many who are single, who are by themselves, and that is its own mental health challenge, and for those in that position, they would love the luxury of complaining about being sick of someone, being there with no one and we all need connection, we all need our people, so the rest of us need to shut the f-ck up. Fair. Shutting the f-ck up now. 

But also curious about who Harry might be isolating with. James Corden? Adele?