Harry Styles was one of the actors who wanted to play Elvis in Baz Luhrmann’s film. As we all know now, Austin Butler is the Elvis of this current timeline. But why not Harry? Because Harry is Harry, according to Baz. And he’s right. One of the reasons why Austin has been so well received right now is because he didn’t, until recently, have a huge profile. No one has to carry anything about him into the movie except the fact that he’s playing Elvis. (Dlisted)

Peter Phillips has a girlfriend and she attended some of the Jubilee events with him. Apparently she’s already met the Queen who has given her blessing. (Cele|bitchy)


The Jurassic World: Dominion premiere was last night and all the red carpet looks are fine except Laura Dern’s, which is pretty underwhelming. I just don’t love these two colours together but it’s also the material. Never my favourite material and there’s just so much of it and I really wish we could have seen the other options from the fitting because I can’t understand how this was the final choice. (Go Fug Yourself)

Twitter is debating actors with charisma. I love this word…because it’s an attribute that is about magic, someone who walks into a room and just has it. And it’s nothing to do with acting talent either. Some actors are talented at the craft but have zero charisma. You want an example? Leonardo DiCaprio. I’d say Jake Gyllenhaal has charisma, even though he can be an asshole. Also Glen Powell, SO MUCH CHARISMA. And Stephan James is so charismatic, he could just smile his way through an interview. One more – Cardi B. Have you watched her interview with David Letterman yet on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction? Now THAT is charisma. (Pajiba)

Before you go to see Top Gun: Maverick for the second or the third time… for the nerds out there who need to know who the “enemy” is, Michael Baumann went full fighter pilot geek and with an analysis about the country that is most probably the enemy nation in the movie. The thing is, though, I don’t think the filmmakers even went this far. Great work. (The Ringer)