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As Hollywood continues to process the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein revelations, a few people are now looking ahead, wondering about next steps. Because, of course, Harvey was enabled. And he would not be the only predator operating within and exploiting a system that protects the powerful. In a column for The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, producer Gavin Polone suggested that Harvey Weinstein could not have operated alone and that it’s not enough to ban him from Hollywood because that wouldn’t get rid of the rot, urging that investigations must continue and that all of his connections, past and present, be explored – at the highest levels. His point is that while singling out an actor here and there who should have known better is satisfying in the moment, it would, in the long term, do nothing to uproot the foundation of corruption that upholds Harvey Weinstein and predators like him. Once again, this has been Rose McGowan’s crusade. And she’s now calling out potential financial supporters that are often the most effective shields for creeps like Harvey. Here’s what she tweeted following a report that The Weinstein Company is attracting interest from investment firms to buy out their assets:

As many have pointed out in the last couple of weeks, sexual harassment and abuse is endemic in the industry – and across all industries. Lauren Holly called Harvey the “sacrificial beast” yesterday on The Social. There are some who are hoping that Harvey’s expulsion from Hollywood will be enough to represent everyone all the assholes who’ve behaved like he has. If that ends up being the case, eventually someone else will just take his place. As it is, there are probably many, many more Harveys just trying to wait it out, hoping they won’t get called.

The Weinstein Company is holding a board meeting today. Harvey will apparently be calling in and fighting his termination. According to TMZ:

Our Weinstein sources say he knows he's "momentarily toxic" but thinks with a little time, writers and actors will seek him out again because of his track record. He believes -- and probably rightly so -- that TWC exists because of him. He believes he can go back and produce movies, or he can just as easily do it somewhere else.

As one source put it, "Harvey's like Judge Judy. She can do her show for CBS, but if she wanted to go to NBC she can do it because it's all about her."

Harvey may not be able to make his case Tuesday. There are rumblings the Board may fire Weinstein as the first order of business, then disconnect the speakerphone and throw Patty Glaser out of the meeting. If that happens, our Weinstein sources say they will 100% go either to arbitration or court. 

Momentarily toxic? The arrogance is amazing, non? It’s amazing, the effects of indulged power. How it shapes your worldview. Here’s a man who still thinks he has a chance – because nothing about his past has taught him that there are consequences to his misconduct. After all, it’s not like Hollywood – and the world beyond, really (see Washington, DC) – especially lately, has shown him otherwise. Harvey Weinstein wasn’t an anomaly. As dirty and as depraved as he was, he also did business with the dirty and depraved. He’s counting on that dirt and depravity to welcome him back when he’s ready to return.

Like the “high powered executive” that Krista Vernoff refers to at the end of her guest column for THR, also posted yesterday. Krista is the Grey’s Anatomy co-showrunner (alongside Shonda Rhimes) and she wrote about how sexual harassment and abuse is built on misogyny. And all women in Hollywood have been victims of it, not just actresses. It exists in writing rooms and in story meetings, it happens to female executives who challenge the men in the boardroom. She closes with this warning:

“I met a smart and funny female writer who'd just had to quit a job she loved because a high-powered executive who's very close to Harvey — and making a lot of "shocked and pained" noise this week in the hopes of protecting his company — wouldn't stop cornering her in rooms and propositioning her. And everyone knows. Just because the Times didn't write an exposé on him, doesn't make it not true. If we make this all about Harvey, we've already lost.”

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