Dear Gossips,   

As I mentioned the other day in my post about Taylor Swift, her fans have been trying to piece together clues about the upcoming album, The Tortured Poets Department, dropping tonight at midnight, using QR codes and there’s also something going on at Apple Music were a letter is revealed every night… 


Anyway, one of those Easter egg searches revealed a new page on her website. 


“Fortnight” is the first track on the album, and also the song that features Post Malone. The countdown clock ends today, Thursday 18 April, at 2pm ET. And there were also references to that time and sets of “two” things in the teaser video that she posted yesterday with The Tortured Poets Department timetable.


You will note, when you watch the video and see it in full screen, at the very bottom of that white board on Friday’s date, there’s a set of tally marks that amount to 14. There are fourteen days in a fortnight. So, presumably, the first single off TTPD will be “Fortnight”? Or will it be the 14th track off the album which is “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived”? Some kind of answer is coming this afternoon. Just a heads up about our coverage here about that: I was already planning to write about the album once it drops for tomorrow. My hope is that I can lump whatever it is that she’ll be sharing at 2pm in with all of that but we can also discuss over at our Substack, The Squawk, in today’s daily chat – subscribe here!

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