My Heartstopper just burst today seeing these photos. And probably yours too…if you watch the show. You do watch the show, right? 

Heartstopper season one was one of Netflix’s most acclaimed series premieres ever. And it’s always a challenge to follow up a strong first season with a second season that maintains the same quality. This, however, is not a concern for Heartstopper. Season two dropped a couple of weeks ago and, as many have already said, lightning has struck twice. Season two is SO F-CKING GOOD. Just as sweet and earnest as season one, while advancing the story and the characters. 


If you haven’t already, get on it. And please, don’t be that person all like, this show is just for kids. It’s not just for kids – it’s for everyone, especially parents who are figuring out the world that their kids are now inhabiting, who want to be able to talk to their kids about their experiences, and the experiences of the people in their lives. There’s a strong argument to be made that Heartstopper is just as much for adults as it is for teens

Anyway, here are three of the stars of Heartstopper out for a walk in London today. It’s Charlie, Nick, and Isaac! Aka Joe Locke, Kit Connor, and Tobie Donovan hanging out in real life, true friends off camera!