Dear Gossips,

As you may have heard, something sh-tty happened to Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, aka the Fug Girls, of Go Fug Yourself yesterday. And we have seen what can happen online to people – women in particular – who are unfairly targeted. The abuse, the threats, to their physical and mental health, and in this case, potentially to their business health, their work health, is often devastating. 

This is why Fug Nation came together immediately to defend and protect Fug. So many writers from so many different outlets tweeted their support and posted Fug love pieces on their own websites – I linked to a couple of them in What Else– to balance out the hate that was being directed at Heather and Jessica, to the point that, in my bubble at least, the pro-Fug voices actually drowned out the anti-Fug noise. 

So out of a f-cksh-t situation, there ended up being a positive takeaway: the Fug army rose up and said, no, not today, and not any day. This is loyalty – and it was earned. Because Heather and Jessica show their work, for 15 years they’ve been showing their work. They worked for the kindness that was sent their way yesterday. And while they certainly never expected or intended for their work to pay off in quite that way, this is the bonus that comes with being consistent, being reliable, being fair, and doing your job well. 

And the best part of it all (if we can even say the word “best” after what happened) is that they KEPT DOING THEIR JOBS. The Fug Girls continued posting yesterday – the work DID NOT STOP, it was business as usual. Even their brief and only comment on the issue was WORK

In a statement to USA TODAY, Go Fug Yourself founders Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan said they "absolutely respect Olivia Munn's right to her opinion – even if we disagree, as we do here."

They continued, "Red carpet fashion is a big business and an art form like any other, and as such, there is room to critique it. Having said that, we wish her nothing but the best and look forward to her next project."

That’s a boss move, a boss handling of something that shouldn’t have been a thing in the first place. And then, only at the END OF THE WORK DAY, just before 5pm ET, they posted this on Twitter, acknowledging the community that surrounded and shielded them. 



So to Heather and Jessica, who love royals but who are BLOG ROYALS in their own right, two women who keep working, who work hard, who show up and show their work – to the Fug Girls and Go Fug Yourself, the crown jewels of blogging, may Fug Nation keep fugging forever. 

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,